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Are you thinking  of getting a new puppy?  Or have you already brought home an adorable little bundle of fluff and fun to add to the family?
Puppies ARE adorable, undoubtedly, but they are also hard work, in the nicest possible way of course! And if you are shortly returning to work you will probably be worrying about how your puppy is going to cope.
Toilet training, destructive chewing, constant barking and separation anxiety (for you and for your dog!) will be some of the things causing you concern.
Treks Trails and Adventures can help. We have a structured, tailor-made puppy programme for every stage your puppy  will go through: from their first few months spent in the security of your home and garden, right through to their transition into the big wide world outside, learning all of the necessary life skills along the way, and being  carefully nurtured at every step.

We will spend 20 minutes attending to all of your puppys' immediate needs. We will take your puppy outside for toileting, continuing with whatever toileting routine you have already established, using lots of praise and positive reinforcement. We will clear up any little accidents that may have occurred inside, together with any damage to household items if your puppy is not left  in a crate,  and check  bedding in your puppys' sleeping area is clean and dry. We will give a lunchtime feed, if required, and check fresh water is still in plentiful supply. We will interact with your puppy, giving lots of affection and playing some simple games, in order to form a bond between us both. At the end of our visit we will settle your puppy back into their bed or crate, giving them as much reassurance as possible before we leave.
We will send you a photo and a text message letting you know that all is well. You will also receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, The Canine Chronicle, which includes photos, recommended walks, recipes for healthy treats and training and first aid advice and in which, of course, your dog will sometimes feature.
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As your puppy gets a little older, they will need a longer visit, as they will be sleeping less during the day and becoming more active. We will increase our visit time to 30 minutes. We will still continue with the toileting routine and clear up any accidents (although these will becoming less and less) and will give  lunchtime feeds if still required, although again, these will probably be being gradually phased out, and ensure food manners are being shown. We will introduce more challenging enrichment  games and activities for your growing  puppy to enjoy. We will bring mini obstacle courses for them to navigate, using hidden food and scented toys to get their noses working and stimulate all their senses. We will do some simple agility work, to help improve co-ordination and increase your puppys' confidence and play a variety of games using toys and balls. All of this will help to further build the bond between myself and your puppy. and keep their focus firmly upon me. This is so important for when we go on our walks outside together, and will help keep your puppy from becoming too distracted by everything else going on around him or her. This will help with recall further down the line, and so keep your  puppy safe.  And of course, you want your puppy to consider you as much more interesting and fun than anything else!  We will also teach basic commands, in line with those you yourself are teaching, and some fun trick-training. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise, so even though your puppy is not going for walks outside yet, they will still be nicely tired out by the brain games and challenges we will be giving them, and will settle down afterwards in their bed or crate to sleep until your return.
We will continue to send you a photo and text message , but will also include regular videos to show you the fun your puppy is having and how their cognitive skills are developing. You will still receive your copy of our quarterly newsletter, The Canine Chronicle.
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When your puppy is old enough, and has had their vaccinations, we will begin to leave the security of your home and garden and familiarise your puppy with the big wide world outside. We will take things slowly and give massive amounts of encouragement at every step, as this will be an exciting, but also quite daunting stage of your puppys' life. Continuing the work you will be doing with your puppy yourself, we will do more work on obedience skills and road safety, loose lead walking,and  recall (by using a long training lead). The safety of your puppy is of the utmost importance to us, at all times. We will continue to make our time together fun, by incorporating games,scent work  and agility challenges, using natural obstacles that we encounter on our walks outdoors. We will take some of your puppys' favourite toys with us, as well as some small treats, to make our games even more rewarding, and will continue with our trick training as well. Throughout everything that we do, we will get your puppy to focus upon us, rather than on everything else going on around them.  After all, dogs do need to learn how to behave appropriately in the outside world - how to be calm when needed, how to greet other dogs politely and be respectful of another dogs space, how to walk safely near busy roads, and not to bark and jump up at every person and dog that they meet. Lets be honest, although we want our dogs to be sociable,  if they obsessively  want to run to every other dog that they see and won't come back when called, they can be  quite embarrassing, to say the least! And from a safety aspect, it is definitely important that you can have absolute control of your dog when you need it, without using a dominating, punitive approach.
After the walk, we will ensure there is a plentiful supply of water and settle your puppy back down. We can leave them with a puppy suitable kong filled with something tasty if you so wish, but  after all the games, agility, tricks and training, they will be mentally and physically worn out and should sleep away the afternoon until you return.
You will continue to receive your photo on every walk, a regular video and your copy of our quarterly newsletter, The Canine Chronicle.
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45 MINUTE 1:1 WALK  
For dogs that need a longer walk, due to their size, breed and energy levels, we can do all of the above, but over 45 minutes instead.
When your puppy is ready, the next step in their development is to join a small group of carefully selected, sociable dogs on an adventure walk. We don't do ordinary walks around the block. We take dogs on action packed adventures, filled with scent and retrieval games, agility work and fun training. We go on cross country routes which will allow for woodland forays, water play and rock scrambling. We only take sociable dogs that can behave appropriately in groups situations, so your puppy will need to have demonstrated that they can follow commands, have good recall, and can be sociable and well mannered towards other dogs  before they can graduate onto our group adventure walks. Group adventures are exciting and fun, but they also need to be safe for all concerned. The safety and well being of all the  dogs we walk  is still of paramount importance to us at all times. The main focus of the dogs will continue to be on me when I want it to be. Dogs do not need to run wild in a large pack in order to socialise. Our small, tight knit adventure groups will be all that your dog will need and their journey with us will be complete.
We will of course continue to send you a photo on every walk, your weekly video and your copy of The Canine Chronicle  but you will also be given a monthly photo collage highlighting your dogs adventures.
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If you would like to enrol on one of our puppy programmes, please do get in touch.
T. 07803547977
E. trekstrailsandadventures@gmail.com
We will need to come and meet with you and your puppy, discuss things in more detail, and answer any further questions that you may have. In the meantime, if you send us your address we can post out  an information pack for you to be having a look through. It will contain copies of our licence to home board, our DBS check, First Aid Certificates, Training Certificates and our Customer Testimonials.

We offer our puppy packages in the following areas:  Milnthorpe, Kirkby Lonsdale and  Carnforth. And all the little villages in between, of course!
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