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Are you worried that your busy schedule with work and other family commitments means your dog is not getting the physical exercise and mental stimulation that  you know they need?

Treks Trails and Adventures is a premium dog walking service, specialising in Canine Adventures for active dogs, covering Milnthorpe, Holme, Burton in Kendal, Hutton Roof, Kirkby Lonsdale,  Hornby, Arkholme and Carnforth.
 all of the outlying villages in between)

We don't just do ordinary walks around the block. We offer Adventure Dog Walks that are packed full of agility work, enrichment games, water play and training. Our dog walks take place in a variety of locations, on cross-country terrain,  which make the most of all the natural obstacles that we meet. You won't find our dogs just walking. They will be splashing about in rivers and brooks, scrambling up rocky banks, chasing about in long grass, balancing on logs and playing scent and retrieval games.
Basic training is incorporated into everything that we do in order to help ensure the safety of all the dogs in our care. We have a maximum group size of 4 dogs in order to provide a higher level of care for each individual dog.

We do everything we can to make the dogs in our care happy. But we also like to make their owners happy too. With this in mind, we send photos on every walk so that you can see for yourself what your dog is doing. We also provide  photo collages, progress reports,  and newsletters, giving you a more in-depth look at your dogs' adventures.

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