I often get asked what made me become a dog walker, and people always seem surprised when I tell them that I used to be a secondary school teacher in large inner city comprehensive schools in Bradford and Leeds. I was even once told that I was letting my degree in history, and my postgraduate certificate in education to to waste, "just to become a dog walker"!

Well, for a start, I don't see myself as "just a dog walker". I know that I am providing a first class service to my customers and making a real difference to the day of each dog that I visit, especially those on their own whilst their owners are at work, 

i also take a pride in the fact that I am doing something a little different, in that I DON'T just clip a lead on a collar and do an ordinary walk around the block, with a large pack of dogs, whose individual needs couldn't possibly be properly met. 

I specialise in ADVENTURES. Adventures that take place on varied, cross country routes and which are jam packed full of enrichment games, agility work, water play and fun based training designed to provide both physical and mental stimulation for every dog, in a small, carefully selected and well matched group.

I derive tremendous satisfaction from returning home a tired and happy dog at the end of their adventure walk, having helped to improve or maintain their fitness levels and having given them the chance to enjoy the company of other dogs in a fun, but structured and carefully supervised way. In fact I sometimes think that the dogs I walk have a better social life than I do!

I also enjoy taking photos and videos to send to owners, providing photo collages and producing newsletters in order to give them an even greater insight into exactly what their dog has been doing both on walks and during home boarding stays. I have also started a blog, and hope to share information on recommended walks, first aid, training tips and healthy treats to name but a few. There is always so much to find out about the wonderful world of dogs!

So no, I don't regret not being a teacher anymore, and I absolutely LOVE being a dog walker! Every day is different, and a wealth of new walks are found at every turn - from the Silverdale and Arnside AONB, to the Lune Valley and the Barbon Fells, I am spoiled for choice each and every day. Being outdoors every day is amazing, whatever the weather may bring and every season has its own delights to offer. At the end of the day my legs ache in a strangely satisfying way, my house is permanently full of wet dogs and muddy boots and I can honestly say that I wouldn't swap it for the world.

I take my responsibilites, as the person  to whom you have entrusted the care of your much loved dog, very seriously. It's why I have spent so much time studying and completing certficates in animal care, in order to be able to provide the very best dog walking services that I possibly can. 

I have certificates in Canine First Aid, Dog Behaviour and Training, Animal Psychology, and Care of the Senior Pet.

I have undertaken a course in Health and Safety Measures for COVID 19 . I am a member of the Professional Dog Walkers Academy.


I am  also always on the look out for new courses that I can take in order to further my knowledge and experience.

I have completed a Risk Assessment in order to ensure that I provide safe dog walks at all times

I am fully insured and hold an Animal Boarding License issued by Lancaster County Council, as well as a Basic Disclosure Certificate.

I would love to have the opportunity to take your dog on some fantastic adventures and build a rewarding relationship with them over the course of time. I can  be their guardian, teacher, leader and  friend - but never just their walker!

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