At Treks,Trails and Adventures we don't just take your dog on an ordinary walk - we take them on  cross-country adventures, packed full of scent and  retrieval games, agility work  and water play.  We  also incorporate basic training into all the fun,  to ensure that dogs are responsive to commands, and  kept safe at all times.

In order to ensure a high level of care  we keep group sizes to a maximum of  four and  which  best suit each dogs' individual personalities and temperaments. We only accept sociable dogs on our group walks.

We provide one to one walks for dogs that need help with training , behaviour and confidence.


We also provide tailor made puppy packages to help your puppy make their transition into the big wide world when they are ready. 

 All dogs are transported safely and securely in our vehicles at all times.

We send regular texts, photographs and videos , together with monthly photo collages, showing more of your dogs'   adventures. We also provide  a quarterly newsletter giving a further insight into the day to day activities of Treks, Trails and Adventures, together with training tips, first aid advice and informative dog related articles for you to enjoy.

For dogs that we walk on a regular basis, we also provide an exclusive sleep over club , giving dogs a real home from home experience for when you are away.

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